Sebbholmen EcoCamp offers you accommodation with sea view in small cottages or Tentsile wood-tents, hanging between trees. You can swim in the Baltic Sea or hire a rowing boat or a kayak and take a tour on the glittering waves.

The fishing village Rosala, founded in the Viking age, is only a short walk away from Sebbholmen. The Viking Centre has exhibitions about the Viking age in Finland and in the archipelago. There is also a café and possibilities to hire bicycles. In the summer you can take a day trip to Bengtskär lighthouse.

In addition to exhibitions the Viking Centre has reconstructed Viking age houses, for example a chieftain’s hall and a merchant’s house. You can take part in Viking activities and try helmets and swords.

A few kilometres to the North of Rosala village you can find a bakery, a beer brewery and a restaurant called Rousal Brygghus. The restaurant is open in the summer. You can get Rousal beer also from cafés and shops in the region.

Sights in the region include Nötholmen rock cauldrons and the beach at Gröndalen. You find the beach about 5 km from Rosala village.

The neighbour village Hitis is 9 km from Rosala. You drive over a bridge at Kyrksundet, which is an old medieval Chapel site. In the Viking age the place was called Örsund, and a thousand years ago there was a harbour and trading place there.

In Hitis there is a 330 years old wooden church. There is also a library with a small handicraft shop called “Made in Hitis”. The village shop Holmströms lanthandel is open all the year round and they also have a café. In the summer Café Kardemumma and Backom Café are also open.

There is a leaflet telling about the service in the region. You can find it at the address www.hitisbyafö

Beautiful nature
Sebbholmen is part of a fantastic landscape in the surroundings of the old fishing village Rosala, which was founded in the Viking age.
Many kinds of activities
You can walk on deer paths under old pine trees and see glimpses of the sea between the trees. The blue waves invite you to paddle with a kayak or a canoe, or to take a small rowing boat and try your luck angling.
On nature’s terms
All activities during your visit are planned on nature’s terms and you can enjoy the offshore archipelago with a good conscience. You and your family leave an almost invisible footprint, which does no harm to the environment.