Where is the reception?

The reception is in Rosala Viking Centre. The address is Reimarsvägen 5, 25950 Rosala.

When is the reception open?

The reception is open during opening hours. You find them here. Please contact the Viking Centre beforehand if you want to arrive outside opening hours.

When can we have access to the accommodation facilities, and when should we leave them?

You get them at 15.00 o’clock on arriving day and leave them at 12.00 o’clock on departure day.

Can we stay in our own tent at Sebbholmen?

No, you can’t. You must hire a cottage or a Tentsile tree tent.

Beautiful nature
Sebbholmen is part of a fantastic landscape in the surroundings of the old fishing village Rosala, which was founded in the Viking age.
Many kinds of activities
You can walk on deer paths under old pine trees and see glimpses of the sea between the trees. The blue waves invite you to paddle with a kayak or a canoe, or to take a small rowing boat and try your luck angling.
On nature’s terms
All activities during your visit are planned on nature’s terms and you can enjoy the offshore archipelago with a good conscience. You and your family leave an almost invisible footprint, which does no harm to the environment.